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Looking for A Female Roommate❤

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:DHello, I am looking for a roommate that meets the following requirements:

  • Age: 18+
  • Employed on SL
  • Female (Avatar & Real Life) - Must Accept Voice Verification
  • Does Not Expect Sex or an Intimate Relationship 
  • Is fine with Adult Content
  • Must accept I am an escort and has no ill feelings towards escorting

I live in two story house that comes with two bedrooms. It also has a swimming pool. It is a luxurious and fancy house. The rent is 380L in total. You must pay 180L. Nothing more, nothing less and I will pay 200L a week. If you want to pay in advance for more weeks, let me know. I attend to live here for awhile if not forever. 

If you would like to see what the house looks like. IM me on Secondlife. My username is: krystalorbs

Pictures of The House will be at the end of this post.

As for the rules, PM and we will discuss. To simply put it, you must tell me of any events or people that you will be invited to the house. I usually would accept, but must know who is coming in and out since I do not own the land it is on. 

Not Required but preferred: 

  • A Female That Is An Escort Like Me (Doesn't matter if freelance or work anywhere else)
  • Is willing to be friends with me on secondlife
  • Interact and Assist One Another With Our Goals and Dreams on SL
  • Someone that is 18-30 years of age

About Me:

I am a creative user on Secondlife. My aim is to be successful and make an income on secondlife as well through business means. I am not a pushover but I am not bitter either. You cross me once, you are blocked forever. You treat me with respect, it will be returned to you. If you have dreams or goals on secondlife, I wouldn't mind being an assistance to you as long as you are an assistance to me as well. We can be like best friends and business partners at the same time. 

These are the following services I do provide and are able to do on Secondlife.

❥Fashion Blogger 
❥Marketing Agent 
❥Event Coordinator 

If you are interested please IM me on Secondlife and post on here that you have done so.

Picture of me:



Pictures of The House:





With Love,


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Nice place, i am not looking for a house, or a roommate situation as i have an SL husband, but you and I seem to have a lot in common careerwise, so I thought maybe we could at least be friends and compare notes on what we are doing. I mainly dance rather than escort, though i won't turn down the opportunities if someone wants to pay me for more while I am dancing, and I am also an artist, making virtual paintings, some of my artwork is adult in nature, and I just opened a new gallery that is adult. If you want give me an IM sometime and maybe we could get together.

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