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Duke Avelino

Using Avatar Snapshots from Inworld in Flickr

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Hello Amazing People, 

So I've started my Flickr very recently, I love to walk around Second life and take snapshots of people who look really inspiring to me.

Compare it to a journalist walking around with his camera in public. But i understand that the virtual world is a web of copyrights

So the question is, Can we upload the pictures of people's Avatar from SL in Flickr without consent? Obviously taking the picture, post processing and mastering the image into a form of Art if my work.

I would like to know if this falls under the copyright claims. OR if there a licence like creative commons which could be utilized for uploading the pictures without inviting claims.

Thank you in advance for looking into my query .


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Thank you for the quick reply!

I was hesitant on working and expanding my interests in photography.

Its good to know you can freely take pictures and compose the frame to liking.

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4 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

Thank You @Alwin Alcott. Very helpful and backed with facts. 


(b) Avatar Consent for Machinima

For machinima, you must have the consent of all Residents whose avatars or Second Life names are featured or recognizable in the machinima. This includes avatars who are featured in a shot, avatars whose names are legible, and avatars whose appearance is sufficiently distinctive that they are recognizable by members of the Second Life community. Consent is not required if an avatar is not recognizable and is merely part of a crowd scene or shown in a fleeting background. Consent is not required for any snapshots.

If the machinima is not a prominent person who is clearly recognizable as it says above. Anyone is free to use and work on snapshots. The information came very handy. I hope other noobs will also benefit from this information.

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