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Acount Wrongfully Banned

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So this is my first account with LL i made to play SecondLife and see what the game was about. I fell in love with it rather quickly and dropped 5$ onto the game to help get my avatar started. Then I found a sim and made some friends and started working in it earning my self about 2000+ lindens in the 1 week and 8 day time i played. I even got a job as a DJ in a club yesterday, the day i was banned. I worked my butt off to get my AV to look good and make friends and my lindens and then yesterday i'm logged off by an admin and come to a sad realization my account is put on hold. Why? I have no idea so I made a new temp account to tell everyone in the SIM what's going on and no one can figure out what it is and we figure it's probably because someone accidentally reported me or it was for account security. So this ban happens outside the time that i can contact Customer Service (Just my luck) and I have to wait all day to get a response and attached it in to the post. I live with roomates who i know also play SL and if one them is violating TOS i don't see why i'm being punished to. I really enjoy this game and hope theres a way for LL to realize my account had no grounds to be banned other then being on the same IP as someone who was banned before. So can anyone help or give me some advice on what to do?


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I'm sorry, Glitter...this is one of the problems with having roommates.

As far as Second Life goes, you're completely hosed, at least for now.  And so, probably, are they.  It is even possible that Linden Lab has hardware banned your computer and that NO ONE who uses that machine will ever be able to use Second Life.

The long term solution (and I am not suggesting you do all this just to play SL, but most of it is probably going to happen in time as life goes on) is to:

  • Move to a new town
  • Get your own place, or at least some roommates with better morals
  • Buy a new computer
  • Get a new internet service provider
  • Get a new email address

If you do all that, you'll probably be able to sneak back into SL by using a false RL name.

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Try to explain your situation, but if your roomate is the reason for the ban, you should get rid of it before.

Anyway a permanent IP ban is nothing you receive from running around swearing or naked in a P Sim !

There is no chance to get this one back, other than LL believe you.


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I'm not sure how permanent a permanent ban is.

Without mentioning names, long ago, in days long past, one of the developers of the most popular third party viewer at that time had the not very brilliant idea of sneaking some malware into the viewer code. That caused an eyebrow or two to rise and the offender was permanently banned from Second Life. It took a few years before she was allowed back but she actually was. For a while.

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Linden Lab does not issue permanent bans unless there have been serious TOS violations.  You are being identified as an alt of your roommate, who has been violating the TOS repeatedly, using the same IP address and possibly even the same computer.  There is no way for Linden Lab to verify which one of you is the troublemaker or even that you are a different person. They only have your word that you have a roommate.  Therefore you and all accounts related to you have been banned permanently.  You have made things worse by creating a new alt and entering SL even after being banned.  That is itself a new TOS violation. 

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