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Kousara's Charters is Employing.

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"Everyone can Fly with the Kousara's Charters! The Airline that have 3-5 star flight safety rating! in second Life!"

This Airline is Started an Service Operations Since March 3rd 2016. We hope to everyone can enjoy this Airliner.

-Kousara Virginia Kirino. Founder of The Kousara's Regent/Charters
The Kousara's Charters Regional is Just Introduced in June 28th 2016. We hope everyone can fly this Airliner.
-Kousara Virginia Kirino. Founder of The Kousara's Regent/Charters

The Air Charter Group that Covers all The Second Life Area. Main HQ is on Westbury Flying Burritos Brothers Airport
We Have an Ground Vehicles,Watercraft if They Requested. I'm Sharing an Alliance with Nihon Air and Air Korea.
This Airline are now Hiring! in Limited Positions. staff will put in The Kousara's Regent Group here. in Right Place. Bipedal Beings only. (Human,Furry,Neko,Anime)
Second Life Roleplay/Simulated Age Must be 12 Year old or Later (Male and Female) We Don't Accept an Child Pilot for This Business. that age is lower than 12.
Available Roles
-Senior Captain (up to 10 Positions)
-Airline Officer (up to 20 Positions)
-Pilot (up to 50 Positions)
-Stewardness (up to 75 Positions)
-Engineer (up to 25 Positions)
-Security Guard (up to 40 Positions)
-Ground Staff (up to 15 Positions)
-Accounting (up to 5 Positions)
Aircraft Training
You Can employing the Pilot via IM me or Notecard me. I've catching the Message and IM to Me. Here.
If You employed to The Kousara's Charter Pilot. We have an Training for New Pilots. If I'm online in Second Life.

NBS Phone (Briggs County)
IM,Notecard AnukManeewong1260.Resident
Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/130171127@N06/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AnukManeewongSocialistRepublic
Google+ https://plus.google.com/107049225210090506193
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