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Looking for Friends/Family in adult

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Hello I'm Kousara. Kousara's Charters/Regent Founder. I Live in Thailand. I'm looking This Person. This will be great person ever you meet. in Second Life. I live Briggs County Roleplay. I got banned Utilizator Group. and Also. MayoiAlice is Disliked me temporally at this time. anyone looking for my Friend. And Anyone being anime avatar to meet,greet and explore with me. I'm Kousara Nice to meet you. I'm female for my appearance. Can anyone gave advice of any that?

Name:Kousara Virginia Kirino
Nickname:She Kougnara,Kousara
Race:Nordic-Alien Human Anime (Based on M3 Anime Head by Utilizator)
Maritial Status:Single
Simulated Age:20
Breast Size:Medium (look like 15-16 year old anime character)
Weight:44 kg based on anime measurement.
Height:158 cm based on anime measurement.
Birthplace:Blade Runner RP
Likes:Shopping, Exploring, Making friends, Having fun, Dancing,Flying,Racing,Anime
Dislikes:Trolls, Griefers, Hackers
Employed:Yes, Former Virtual Coast Guard,Sletta,Second Norway
a Blonde Hair Adventurer that Drove Car,Boating,Flying a Aircraft around Second Life.
Works in Virtual Coast Guard. and Former Merczateers Soldier. And Second Life Experience over 6 years.
Close Friends:Rion,Nagisa,Rhona,Ananda,Keko,Anders,Elissu

Also. I have my F-List too. https://www.f-list.net/c/kousara/


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