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llHTTPRequest() DNS slow to update?

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Hello, I use llHTTPRequest() in allot of my stuff and find that ever I move IP's and change my DNS that second life is so slow at looking up the new DNS to see my new servers IP that is connected to the domain.

I am currently having to still run my old server as second life LSL is the only thing still using my old IP and I need to keep this online for my web systems to keep running but now a week of running my old server and second life still don't see my new IP.

Is there any way to update this faster for the next time I need to move servers or change my DNS settings?

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Does your server not have a URL? With  llHTTPRequest the URL of the server would be parameter of the function, so it doesn't matter what the IP/DNS is, you just ping its URL. 

Otherwise you will have to establish a handshake on both sides. In the script every time the URL changes (due to region restart, changed owner, changed region. etc) send the server the URL of the script given by llRequestURL and have the server store the URL of the script. When the IP/DNS dynamically changes, ping the URL of the script with a POST message containing the IP/DNS in the body which can be picked up by the http_request event in your script and then stored in a global variable.

Of course with multiple objects pinging the same server you would have to keep a database of objects UUIDs and URLs  as key/value pairs to be updated every time a new URL for the object is created.

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