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Jinnywitha Cleanslate

Harrassment/Stalking Issue - Going On For Years Now - What To Do Next?

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On 5/19/2017 at 8:19 AM, Nikolai Warden said:

If this person is making alt after alt and there is no keeping him away from the sim ... well is he doing anything other than obnoxious and vile IMs?  As soon as it is apparent that it is the same person, if you do not reply, mute, and ban him immediately, he may lose interest. It seems obvious that he derives pleasure from being offensive, so if you do not give him the chance, he may tire of this. As far as keeping him off the sim you call home, unless the sim closes to the public and uses a white list for access, there seems little chance of that happening, unless his alts do not have payment information on file typically, in which case the sim could be set to allow only those with payment information there. Of course, that might have a negative impact on your club. As for there being a club on the land ... some time back, a popular club was suffering serious griefing attacks and the sim was closed to the public, with group access only. That is another option. If this person is using offensive HUDs to push or rez obnoxious things, then setting the sim to group only for rezzing, object creation, and scripts, while a tad extreme, would put a stop to that. If he is IMing people and saying offensive, obnoxious things, that is not necessarily against TOS or community standards, it depends on what he is saying in the IMs. If he is violating nothing but good manners, there is nothing LL will do to put a stop to that, as you have the tools to stop it yourself. If that is the case, ignoring him via muting is the best option and booting him when he comes around ... keep in mind, the amount of people that can be on a sim's ban list is limited to 500 and banning his alts will only go so far.

I have found that people who are stalked in SL cannot seem to help but respond to obnoxious messages and efforts the stalker takes to disrupt the person's SL. Every time you respond with anything other than muting without saying a word, you will add fuel to the fire. In one case I know, harassing a fellow has seemingly become another person's SL reason for being, and getting upset and outraged over this has become the first fellow's entire SL. It goes on for years because the one doing  the harassing knows it upsets his victim. At this point, it has gone on so long that it is doubtful the stalker would believe it were his victim to pretend to ignore him, as he knows if he continues to push, eventually he will get a verbal response.

It is only a serious issue if you make it a serious issue. Someone saying vile things is merely someone saying vile things, until you react. If there is no ridding yourself of this person, perhaps a change in perspective could help. Why get worked up over someone being obnoxious over and over? Why not see it for the pathetic buffoonery it is?

Yep TEQi's was that popular club that has griefer attacks for 2 months or longer to drive people out of the sim. They made it group only started charging 1k per invite to get into the sim and club.. Seemed to work.

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On 5/19/2017 at 8:10 AM, Jinnywitha Cleanslate said:

We do block and mute and he get's sim banned, but he just creates an Alt every time.  The Sim owner has at least 12, if not more, of his Alts Sim Banned now.  All have ben AR-ed multiple times, by multiple people.  It's really surprising that he just keeps appearing. :(

Only 12? He is a lightweight.

Our community has one person who has created many more times than that despite being banned on 1 days and 7 year old characters. His usual method is to make a burn account, that he harrasesses with for one day then leaves it unplayed with rude, disgusting comments in his profile.

The Lab never clean them up, and they can't stop new ones.  Hacked viewers to change the ID0, DHCP so the address changes.

There is no real way to stop these people unless the lab actually took the ARs seriously, and anything harder than 2 minutes work won't be.


Naught to do. The golden rule is to mute without a word. Then just keep mopping up, keep ARing and hope that one day he makes a mistake that will let the Lab do something more then re-route your AR to the trash can.

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On 18-5-2017 at 1:48 AM, Jinnywitha Cleanslate said:

For about 6 years..... has banned at least 12 Alts of his, if not more



most places get jealous on you now.... 12 in six years... thats nothing.

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