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Looking to join fun, crazy family or friends

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Hello you lovely human being! After what seems like forever I'm back on second life, but lonely as they come. I hope to make some new friends, or to join in on a family. Even start a family with others. I love going on adventures, dancing, role playing,shopping, and overall I love having a good time with others. I can describe myself as sassy, loving, loyal, sarcastic, funny (at least that's what others say), and sweet. If you're interested please message me inworld or reply on here! It's you're life live how you want. I hope I'll be talking to you soon! I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading :). (P.S. I put some pics of myself down below).Snapshot_003.thumb.png.17526f9137f1574949d38560ffc4f876.pngSnapshot_004.thumb.png.347b81a2f6fbd6375480fef94e2b4c06.png




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