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I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion from what either Alwin or I said, but no. While you can wear other mesh eyes, you don't have to.

You haven't told us which Catwa head you're using (there are several) so we don't know if it's a Bento head or not. My advice about setting your shape's eye socket depth applies for using any mesh eyes, but especially with the eyes that came with your head (assuming that you're not using one of Catwa's basic heads, which don't have eyes included). The advice that I gave actually comes from the Catwa Head Friends inworld group - the official support group for Catwa heads.

Alwin's advice applies if you're using any other (unrigged, and therefore editable) mesh eyes. Normally, with a system head, mesh eyes will be mostly in the correct position. But a mesh head sits slightly differently over the avatar's system head, which means that other brands of mesh eye might be either popping out too far or (more usually) too low down, so you can barely see the tops of the irises. In those cases, as Alwin said, you'll need to manually edit the eyes into position to fit in the eye sockets.

You've said in your post:

8 hours ago, NyxieNevermore said:

whenever I put the eyes on and edit them to fit my eye sockets the eyes pop out.

Do the eyes actually move when you try to edit them? As in: could you pull them out in front of your head and then back again? I'm asking this, because Catwa offers three types of mesh head:

  • Bento heads with rigged eyed (cannot be moved)
  • Static heads with mesh eyes (unrigged; can be moved)
  • Basic heads with no eyes

With a Bento head you can go into edit mode on the rigged eyes, and you can move the arrows to try and edit them, but the eyes won't actually move. I suspect this is what's happening. If they were unrigged eyes, you'd simply be able to edit them into place, no matter what your eye depth setting was.

In short: try the advice of the Catwa support people that I initially gave you, which was:

8 hours ago, Skell Dagger said:

If it's a Bento head, set your shape's eye depth to 50. If it's a non-Bento head, set it to zero. 

If you're still having issues, search for the Catwa Head Friends group inworld, join it, and ask your question there. They are an incredibly helpful and friendly bunch of people.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1960 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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