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Adult Parcels for Rent

Syren Nebula

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Fall of Man would like to present THREE ADULT LAND options for your needs:
1) Two Corner Parcels for rent ● 3808m², 1250 prims, L$1750/wk
2) Thirteen Parcels for rent   ● 1232m2, 500 prims, L$700/wk 
3) Rent a store and be allowed rezzbox/ skybox / personal space between 2000-3000m at the additional cost rate per prim for additional combined prims you will need. 
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL Respect/179/214/4
Features:  This is Adult land ● No premium account needed BUT MUST BE ADULT VERIFIED. 

● No premium account needed to rent. 
● 1 week free when paying 4 weeks in advance for first time renters
● Each parcel (as shown below) is Landscaped with a beach scene for your pleasure, and creating privacy. 
● Each parcel includes a 1-3 Prim home if you wish to use, or provide your own. 

FoM Parcel Rentals.jpg

FoM rentals.jpg

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Please take a moment to review the Covenant, as this will be the latest Terms of Service (TOS). 
1> I want to rent a parcel, what do I do? 
    First you would want to join the group Fall Of Man  .
    Second find a parcel and simply pay the rental box nearest the water's edge for how long you wish to rent for. 
    Third send a NoteCard (NC) to Syren or Nerogoth Nightfire. When we have a moment we will add the ParcelRenter tag to your account. Only then will you be able to rezz. If there is Alts or others that needs the tag as well, please tell us their SL name so we can add them as well. 

3> Is there forced Teleporting? 
    NO. We offer the capability to offer a direct TP to inside your parcel if you wish, but you can set Home to any spot including vertically. 
4> May I change the Windlight / Music / etc.? 
    You will have BASIC Land rights to allow you to change those features, BUT all items will need to be DEEDABLE to the FoM group (security orbs, music / video players, etc.).
    ● NO you can not change the parcel to another group. 
    ● You cannot modify the parcel boundaries / reparcel the space. 
    ● You cannot edit the terrain. 
    ● You cannot Sublet the land (i.e. rent it to someone else). If you have multiple people on your parcel and want them to 'pay' for a portion of the rent, they can FREELY pay the rental box at anytime on your behalf. 

5> A> Do I have to use the building on the parcel / be at ground level? 
      B> Can I setup a rezzbox/ skybox / personal space / etc.in the sky ?  
    We offer the 1 - 2 prim building as models you CAN use, or can be removed if you wish. You are NOT required to use / build at ground level. We offer the space between 1000-2000m ONLY for such uses, WITH the following limitations:
        ● You MUST keep your builds to your outlined parcel. It is recommended to rezz a prim at ground level in the size of your parcel, then change the Object's Z position to the height you wish. This will help guide you on your limitations. 
       ● NO LARGE BUILDS. Respect other people's skybox / usage and don't 'overlap' on their used space. We can all be good neighbors with common sense. 
       ● NO CLUBS, BROTHELS, etc. Parcels are for PERSONAL use, not BUSINESS. We have the Mall space for Businesses. 

6> May I advertise in the FoM group? 
    NO. All FoM stores may advertise in the group, but not Residents. You MAY chat via the FoM group though, keep it civil, drama free, and INCLUSIVE. 
7> Can I rezz  XYZ / do I have to rezz Adult / Sexual items only? 
    We are ADULT land because we are ADULTS, and partake of all such ADULT activities. We do NOT require you have sex/other adult items on your parcel, but we encourage it. We DO LIMIT you from rezzing any RACIST, BIASED, or ILLEGAL (i.e. ChildPorn) items anywhere on the SIM. While we are extremely inclusive for any race, species, perversion, religion, etc. and believe whatever ADULTS do in their personal space is THEIR business, you are still on OUR property on LINDEN LAB's physical server. As such, if we have a concern or requirement, your choices are to comply or go elsewhere.

8> I have concerns or questions, what do I do? 
    Please send a NC to Syren or Nerogoth Nightfire, explaining plainly and with the necessary details so we may address your concerns or questions. Do realize we have REAL LIVES FIRST, so it may take us more than a day to answer you, though we try to respond the same day. 

Blessed Be,
Syren Nightfire

Kiosk and Map of Parcels for Rent

Parcel 1 , Parcel 2 , Parcel 3 , Parcel 4 , Parcel 5

Parcel 6 , Parcel 7 , Parcel 8 , Parcel 9 , Parcel 10

Parcel 11 , Parcel 12 , Parcel 13 , Parcel 14 , Parcel 15

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2193 days.

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