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Had to redo! Sorry. For the in convince 

Hello everyone! Once I get back on secondlife I'm going to be looking for beachy tropical land or a beach tropical skybox/platform that will have trees & whatever on it! However it does not have to have a house on it. If it does that is fine, if it's also furnished that is also fine as well but I however would need permissions to be able to delete and add my own items on the plot & house! 


Land: I really don't exactly know.. How much I would need..preferably something that has space to add things and good amount of prims that's an affordable price. Not looking to pay 600$L for low prim & sqm.  

Skybox/Platform: I would like either a 100x100 or 128x128 tropical beach area.. With a reasonable price and prims. As I am not looking to pay 600$L for little sqm & prims.. Either for a skybox.. I can browse mp for 4000 sqm for 199$L+ for a good amount of prims to go with it & including it's furnished. 

Other: usually on some renters furnished houses that come with the skybox does not count on your prims you are allowed. 

Things I would like to have w/rent: 

* security orb. 

* Dance HUD system if possible. 

* if it's a skybox I wound like to be able to switch between houses & pick out one from a collection you have. Not sure if that is possible for land.. 

* 100% PRIVACY! I do not under any circumstances want someone too be able to hear my conversations or cam into my home I am renting from you.. Unless they are in the house itself. It's kind of creepy.. I just want to keep the creeps away </3 





Thanks for your patience! Sincerely, maya. 

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