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How does your avatar look today ?


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Taking part in the Blogger Vlogger Network collab challenge and my partner and I are doing 'kawaii gamer'. x3 So, here's my take on that for our photo shoot. 💛 ((Thanks again for the headset, Catchan!))

Plus! I got yet another  new skin after shopping with Rae-chan!  n_n

Mura_021_223 (2).jpg

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31 minutes ago, Catrie said:

ooh. I love that bed? sofa? thing.  where did you get it?

I think its a really big armchair. It came in a set together with a sofa, coffee table and two lamps. The store is called [Tia] and the set is "Katour Lounge". I don't know if its also availbe on its own as a single item (I brought the set on the MP, but I know the store exists inworld, too).


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I decided to go out to have a look for the new Victorian theme Linden Houses this evening but didn't get far, it was looking good ... until I hit the end of the end of the road ... so far.   I was hoping my penny farthing might help but I'll have to be patient 😉





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