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How does your avatar look today ?


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16 hours ago, BelindaN said:

Thank you Taya...……!! It took about two hours to get anything worthwhile...……….its a busy sim, so running four viewers and adding spotlights, and cranking up the graphics will only go one way...……...Plus being chatted to...…..BUT I got some in the end, but not the shadowy moody shot I hoped for. But yeah......here Skye is looking very cool and smug as always...….and me? I'm exhausted after all that effort and I'm thinking...…….is it worth it? BUT obviously...…..IT IS!

Todays lesson is that only no lag sims work for all the Newells…………..and two hours is a big chunk of my SL time...…… :) 


It was worthwhile seeing the results

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4 minutes ago, Laika Ravikumar said:

The mind boggles as to what exactly you were doing last night, on second thoughts maybe not .........

   I think that it may, at least according to the forum's rules, be what we would refer to as 'unspeakable'. Perhaps if asked nicely, I can be persuaded to offer a first-hand experience though. Grins.

   Meanwhile, Neph ... Has found out that she's a witch (though seriously, who's surprised?)!



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5 hours ago, Matty Luminos said:

Not too long ago, I did the same thing with my Hair folder. And I buy a LOT of hair...!

Sounds like me with hair, so you could be either new cousin IT or an Ewok but glad I'm not only capable of this mistake; lol! :D Hope rain hasn't hit you too bad in your part of county as you live in same one as me in seriousness! *hugs*

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My blog site is borked thanks to the latest WordPress update. So, until it gets rebuilt (because rolling back did nothing), I'll only be posting on Flickr.  grrrrrr... lkdfjlkafjlksdjf;kldasjf 
Anyway, I hope everyone else has a better day than me.

Winter: Day 4


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13 minutes ago, Matty Luminos said:

I'm cheating a little, this is actually a costume I've set up for an event tomorrow. 



I was really annoyed that my eyes were closed in the first one, I caught some great movement in the skirt though.

That is GORGEOUS, Matty! Matches your eyes so well too. ❤️ 

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