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How does your avatar look today ?


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7 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Oh, sure. How come every time someone nearly gets eaten by an ancient Greek monster, it's like "Blame Scylla! It's all Scylla's fault!"


(And it's got nothing to do with the fact that I'm named after an ancient Greek monster, I'm sure. Say hi to Cetus for me, btw: I haven't seen him in ages; not since the last get together at Medusa's place.)


7 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

I like teal tentacles!  Good choice, Scylla.  Catrie, don't you think so?  Catrie?  Catrie??

uh oh.

Cetus and I had a little chat. We came to an agreement. He set me up with my own little villa, far away, and I don't tell anyone that he didn't eat me. Turns out he's a vegetarian. Who knew? It would be very bad for his reputation if it came to light he doesn't like killing people. So, I keep his secret and I become independently wealthy. Win/Win.   Oh and he says " Hi" Scylla.  Said not to forget Poker Night over at Cyclops' place next Thursday. 

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On 11/2/2019 at 12:40 PM, Panteleeva said:

so i start my long break from sl (longest vreak i ever had,lol).  

bought new PC,but it s non-gaming one,while i collect money for gaming.lol

See you all someday 😘 

Hugs (because i love hugs)

This is not happy news! "Someday" won't be too long in coming, I hope?

You'll be missed! Hurry back!

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