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How does your avatar look today ?


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23 hours ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

I have been working on a new shape just for the giggles.  This is for LeLutka's Bianca head.  I'm still not happy with the mouth.  I think I spend more time futzing with the mouth than anything else for my shapes :|

20191021_002.thumb.jpg.645cc7a26f3f25816a4a044255aa62d8.jpg20191021_001sml.jpg.451f2a97a0ebab6d193c0b0221cd845e.jpg 175.45 kB · 0 downloads

Making a body is the easy part.  Making a face with just the right neutral expression is time consuming.  I was thinking confident tomboy but this looks more that slightly disapproving look my accountant gives me when she sees how much I pulled from savings this year ....

i love this shape and mouth too

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Dance the ghost with me...

A rare three-image post from me, because I love all of them and couldn't decide. :P I went high-key with Syd again, and yes the double hairstyle was a happy little accident (in true Bob Ross style) that I only noticed halfway through the photoshoot, but that looked so good I decided to keep it in!




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