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How does your avatar look today ?

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This is my current avatar. She's an Usagi Child ^.^  

i was wondering around a SIM one day, and some dude private messaged me tellin' me he loved my look... he was very polite and kind, asked me to stop running and turn my AO off for him, so i did... the

Not a GREAT picture but i was working on this avi last night. :3 I'm obsessed with my face.

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1 hour ago, VictoriaGrwd said:

Guessing this dress will do....

   My sister's club ran a 'red, white and blue' theme yesterday - I asked if I should put up some Union Jacks, but she didn't like that idea.

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2 hours ago, DaisyJohnnson said:

Me again……..

I've been working hard on my wardrobe, and got a couple of free gifts already, but I've also bought a few bits and pieces. And I found out I can do that from my phone.

And also a guy I met at the beach showed me how to click on the bottom row to get the sky settings up, which will be good in future. He was very helpful. 

I'm not quite sure about this top, it's whiter than I expected, but hey I can always get another I suppose.

This hair came as part of my original bought non-mesh avi, and so far it's hard finding anything else to match it.  (DeLa Fiona if you're interested)




You did well.

I like the hair. The hair line is weak. There are scalp textures one can use to improve the hair line. Some are sold separate and others come with the hair. And there are a few free ones. Most mesh heads have some scalps you can use to get better looking hair lines. However, yours as-is is fine. No one is going to kick you out of bed for that.

There are places that give away some really good stuff to those newer than 30-days old. Check Free Dove. They usually have some of those offers. Plus some nice freebies. There are other places with good freebies. I just no longer keep track of them.

Some SL people are helpful. I think more are than are not. And guys... that is a whole thing...


1 hour ago, Talligurl said:

OK so  I dot see any  problem with this flag.



Betsy Ross flag... AWESOME history behind that. This controversy is going to cost Nike a bunch of customers. I'll never buy from Nike again.

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You just cannot start your day without a cup of liquid life popularly nicknamed "coffee", if you plan to do some building and scripting work. With protective glasses so strongly pulled onto your face, that they cause you to see in 4D. And a lot of hammers to shoo away the grid bugs.


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12 minutes ago, panterapolnocy said:

You just cannot start your day without a cup of liquid life popularly nicknamed "coffee"

   It's spelled 'T, E, A".

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17 minutes ago, BelindaN said:

Milk - in - cup - first...…….. 9_9  ✔️

   That depends. If you've got your tea in a pot, yes, because gradually heating the milk up with the tea rather than burning the milk on the hot tea (but it also depends on the type of tea and what temperature you brewed it at - Darjeeling tea for example should be brewed at around 70C whereas Assam should be near-boiling). In the past it was also important to avoid heat-shocking the cups, as this might shatter them - modern cups tend to be more resistant.

   If I brew myself a cup of tea, I do so with a diffuser directly in the cup, so I can't add the milk until after I've brewed it.

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