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How does your avatar look today ?


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5 hours ago, Morena Tully said:

It's been 2 years now, make much progress on that inventory?  :D

lol..had to ask. I'm doing the impossible of trying to go through the whole thread, and couldn't resist. Picturing you still standing there, looking the same, still creating sub-folders...

The inventory has decreased in size.......... and increased.......... and decreased.......... and increased.............  Sadly it is way higher right now than back then.

Inventory is a never-ending task.

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Dress: !gO!,  "Brigitte Mondrian Dress - 2"
Hair: Mina, "Hannah"
Date: June 1, 1965
Place: Hyde Park, London
Music: The Kinks, "You Really Got Me."

So what do you do when a sweet and delightful friend gifts you with an Yves Saint Laurent !gO! Mondrian dress?

Well, if you're clever (like me!), you rush out and buy the Mina hairstyle you've been secretly lusting after, and then make your way to Hyde Park for a modeling session, where you strike your very best pouty 60s vamp look while swinging to The Kinks.


*turns off her model pout for a moment*

Taya (@Angelina String), this was so unexpectedly darling of you! Thank you!


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1 hour ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:



Does this mean you got the gig for the September ‘65 Vouge Paris cover? Congrats,  I knew that Brigitte Bauer would not have a chance if you went for it ;)

Watch out for that David-guy who takes the pics though, I’ve heard he’s known for flirting with the models :D



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1 hour ago, Saravendi said:

I'm just so tired of all the endless photoshoots! Ugh....

   Furlgrimr's guide to taking a picture in X steps:

  1. Music: Can't work without it. Angry industrial metal from the SSD-countries (Sverige-Soumi-Deutschland) usually does the trick. Any errors with this point can be resolved in accordance to the following flowchart: <insert whichever query you can think of here> -> MAKE IT LOUDER!
  2. Pose, Outlook, Outfit & Props (P.O.O.P.): Now that we've got your eardrums ticklin', it's time to start thinking of what you want to convey with the picture and how best to do so. I usually start with the outfit, then the scene (outlook), then the pose and finally additional props - but putting them in that order didn't make a obscene word, so do all of the above in whichever order you feel like.
  3. Lighting & Framing: So you've got your avatar frolicking about a cemetery wearing lacy lingerie and a whole lot of spiky accessories, this is an excellent moment to take a brief break to turn the music up to eleven and air-drumming like a mad(wo)man your way through a track or two. Next you'll want to determine the zoom, pop your subject within the frame - using the rule of thirds or other 'established professional photography shenanigans' if you can be bothered to - and once you've got everything where you want it, save the camera position and bring out the build tools. Philosophy time - why would you go through a bunch of windlight settings, maybe adjusting them a little bit (i.e. moving the sun a little bit this or that way and just maybe giving the gamma slider a nudge), when you can have complete darkness with the one, single go-to windlight; Phototools- No Light. That's right, it'll be as dark as a chimney sweep's rea-- Uh, soul. And now you can get the light coming from whichever direction, with whichever intensity, with whichever focus, range and blur, using a simple prims (or THE prim, available in my MP - link in signature!). Get those shadows exactly where you want 'em! Crank up that drama factor! Air-drum another track and take the snap!
  4. Post-processing: But I never mentioned trying to adjust the viewer's DOF just right? That's because when you crank out your pictures in 4608 x 6144 pixels, whatever renders on your screen isn't going to happen. Same with the shadows, they may well look like they've had a stroke. The shadows are fairly easily dealt with; smudge tool, pipette and airbrush those shadows all nice and clean - since your shot is so big, you can go in real far and get all those little details, too! Or you just rough-cut it because no one's going to actually look at your picture in its native format anyway. Blur, well, you could try to get the DOF to play ball, and then just crank it up like crazy and hope that it turns out all right - or, you copy your layer, do a Gaussian blur, a layer mask, and boom. Focus wherever you want it, baby!

   On a good day, you can rip through these steps in 5 minutes. Well, minus deciding what to wear, of course. As long as you don't have to do any reconstructive photo-surgery because your shoulders imploded or a leg decided to go through the dress, that is. Or you can be all artsy with it and let the editing phase take half an hour, fiddling with sliders and colour palettes, and then you decide you went a little hard on the contrast and realize that you can't just reduce the opacity of that layer because you've merged it with the first layer where you fixed that alpha glitch which would show through, and then you start over and do the 5-minute edit anyway.

   ... And yes, I know you weren't asking for a guide, but, I was bored and my fingers felt itchy. You're welcome, I think?

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