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How does your avatar look today ?


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9 hours ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

I had to change back to red head for a photo shoot (not the one below) and realized that red headed Rhonda is hawt!  So I put the brunette away again.


Beautiful then you looked beautiful day I accidently bumped into you at C88 and again lovely to meet you outside of forum! :) 

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Another photograph from my Auntie Winnie's journal of her sojourn in Berlin. The reverse of the photo includes only the briefest annotation in my great great aunt's handwriting: "bibliothek." Sadly, there is no date, but I'd surmise from Aunt Winnie's appearance that this was taken sometime within her first year or so in that city. So, I would guess, this is from late 1927 or 1928.

I know from entries in her journal that Aunt Winnie discovered shortly after her arrival in Berlin that one of the local libraries -- one entry suggests that it was on Fischerstrasse -- offered weekly lessons in German for new foreign arrivals to the city. She seems to have availed herself of these for roughly her first year and a half in Berlin. My aunt had a natural facility in languages, as does my own father. It's not a trait I've inherited; perhaps (I like to console myself) it skips generations. In any case, she seems to have picked up the language surprisingly quickly, and the sessions at the library must, I'm sure, have helped. About six months after her arrival, short entries in German begin to appear in her journal, and these grow in length and, I suppose, sophistication over the course of the next couple of years.

The visits to the library also provided her with her earliest friendships in her newly adopted home. Among her first was a young American woman by the name of Anne Sanders who was also attending the language instruction sessions; gradually, too, she began to make the acquaintance of a number of natives to the city, including, intriguingly, some young men. I haven't so far found a great deal of detail about these, at least until her future husband Karl appears on the scene in late 1929.

It was, presumably, some of these new acquaintances who were taking these pictures of her. A number of photos in the journal, of other people and places, were clearly the work of Winnie herself, but the photographers responsible for this picture and others of my aunt, remain a tantalizing mystery.

Who is she smiling at in these photos, I wonder?


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13 minutes ago, Derekmate said:

I'm happy that I sitting becouse my knees always go weak when I see somebody with short blond hair and freckels. And in this more moment they are wery weak. 

I can take it off and only wear a blond hairbase. But then you would never be able to get up anymore. So I won't 🙂

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