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How does your avatar look today ?


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2 minutes ago, Skell Dagger said:

Quickest way to launch it each time is to pin the two programs (image and gif) to the taskbar, then just click the one you want to start up. Saves having to dig around in folders etc. Both programs are simple to use: just click and drag a marquee around what you want to capture. The image version will simply click, and - a few seconds later - open a new tab showing your image. The gif version will start recording the second you let go of the mouse. You can pause it, stop it early, or stop it altogether from the little control panel that is at the top (or bottom) of the marquee.

That's exactly how I use it.  I also send pics i've saved to disk and edited with GIMP to Gyazo to show them to people easily.  I just right click on the pic in windows and choose the send to Gyazo option.

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Ok I managed to figure it out easily this time around. Not sure why it seemed so difficult last time but it was quite a while ago. Or, maybe I was stoned at the time LOL. I haven't smoked in nearly a year so being clear headed may have helped 🤣

Now I just have to figure out how to share the gif here. Working that!



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In the portico of the pseudo-Pantheon thingy at Basilique. The place is really beautiful build (thanks to Catrie for pointing me to web site that featured it!), but marred by some rather poor aesthetic choices . . . such as the big "Gacha" sign hidden behind my head.

I'm wearing a new hair that I picked up at FLF (or was it the Saturday Sale? It's all just a blur to me now) by Rama. It's the kind of cut that makes me desperately wish they could figure out how to make hair hang naturally in-world.

Oh well. One day . . .


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3 hours ago, Elora Lunasea said:



hahahaha my cursor is there also :P

When you click the 'Share' button above the gif, if you then click the work GIF next to "Direct link", it will give you a link you can copy and paste here so that the gif becomes embedded rather than just a link.


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I know I've posted a lot the last few days, but I just got this new suit at Coco today and I am absolutely loving it so I had to share. Was my first time there and completely by accident. I went to Uber to get the Blueberry sundress demo. While camming along, I find Coco and saw some awesome looking pants, but they weren't for sale at Uber, they were just matched up with a top that was. So then I went to Coco to get the pant demo and while camming along for the pants, I found this suit. ❤️




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