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How does your avatar look today ?


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6 hours ago, Dementia Obviate said:

Still tweaking my new head... made the eyes and lips a bit smaller, got new eyebrows, hair and jewelry, yay! Love the hair with a style hud. Options!

off topic, but what ears do you use?  my MP-fu fails when it comes to those. I'm just trying to find a pair that works with all my skins.   Thanks. ☺️

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Staying with the Red Dress thing, this outfit came up during my wardrobe review.

The change of dress from PVC, and Genus Classic, and brunette hair shifts how I look way up the respectability spectrum...…..

Almost snooty   :P



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7 hours ago, Vihmakass said:

I had some messes with mine dome but it is back and up again :D

Home again.png

I had to echo Belindas’ comment. Welcome back! I just love your posts and this is as beautiful and lovely as ever 😊 

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35 minutes ago, Eva Knoller said:

I didn't get the red dress memo! 


Love your expression here!

Oh, and now I know who you remind me of - Ewa Fröling (here in Fanny & Alexander, a movie they used to show on TV every Christmas :D)

Something about the eyes and eyebrows - and the first name of course ;)


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