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How does your avatar look today ?

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8 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Well, someone is going to have to put lotion on my back!


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3 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

You must be a hoot at christenings and birthday parties!

   Well, people who are close enough to invite me to the christening ceremony of their children tend to be aware of how I disapprove of dipping infants in fonts and proclaiming them part of their religious congregations before they're anywhere near any kind of age of consent. Were it just religious hocus pocus I probably wouldn't care too much, kids tend to be fairly waterproof after all - but since that's also the point at which a child is registered as a member of their sect, and will thenceforth be paying a sneaky church tax that doesn't really show up unless you can be bothered to read through your annual tax report when you start working, I may well chastise the parents for their folly (even for atheists and agnostics, it's regarded as a tradition that you just do, and not everyone is aware of the church meanwhile putting your kids down for a tithe).

   I do approve of eating cake, though. In fact, I generally encourage it. Of course, I'll expect a proper cake - none of those dry, inferior chunks of stuff that people like to call cake. But then I have a baker's degree so I do set the bar quite high. Life is too short for disappointing cakes!

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4 hours ago, BelindaN said:

There's much more more to you than meets the eye Tati!!! haha!!  So when do you perfect a group pose for the next Angels shoot?????........ *me waiting* 9_9

I've had serious withdrawal symptoms, not being in world since last Friday, and after a long drive home today, and hours spent sorting stuff out and all the usual, I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle tomorrow, Sunday.............I just can't wait!!! :D


Lol oh lordy....We really would have to do pose balls for everyone, depending on how many show up.

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So big sister B is back at work, and loving it. We've had a big shop, and she's finally got me a Genus head. 

Baby face for me since I'm the youngest sister. I copied this hairstyle from Ellie....Stealthic Paradox. 9_9

Still some work to do but I'm happy with this look so far!

Second pic is with my original Rezology Sylph hair...……  :)




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Added second image
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I'm just about to go get busy in RL, but managed to get to the beach and mess around with the light and reflections. These were the best two I could get in the time available...…….

And no guys hit on me while I was doing it, well one said 'pryvite', but that lost me...………….not the best opening line  word  ;)




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