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How does your avatar look today ?

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This is my current avatar. She's an Usagi Child ^.^  

i was wondering around a SIM one day, and some dude private messaged me tellin' me he loved my look... he was very polite and kind, asked me to stop running and turn my AO off for him, so i did... the

Not a GREAT picture but i was working on this avi last night. :3 I'm obsessed with my face.

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47 minutes ago, Ivanova Shostakovich said:

   Oooohh.. right away I thought "The embodiment of smoke."

I'm SO going to get me some particle-smoke effect! :D

10 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

Hey sis, why don't you ever let me tag along? I'll be good, I promise!

And that'd be exactly why, heh. Devils are not supposed to behave!

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1 minute ago, Cindy Evanier said:

fed up and miserable.  Working on new animation uploads so we have to do testing with and without mesh and no AO which means *sobs* HORRIBLE FEET AND ANKLE MOMENTS


   Just call it temporary water retention. You've been working and on your feet for a while. It'll pass.

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Stealthic need to stop making hair for a while. My wallet can't keep up! L$2000 on two fatpacks today xD



Clef de Peau and Stealthic for The Mens Dept.

Hair: Stealthic - Psycho
Skin applier: Clef de Peau - Colin (T0)
Vest & tee: Kitt Ragu for K - Trucker Vest Homme (black)
Necklace: Lapointe & Bastchild - Swear Dia De Muertos Charm Necklace
Eye appliers: Avi-Glam - Elysian Eyes (fjord)
Brow appliers: Odeco - Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrow (shaved)
Head: Catwa - Daniel

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46 minutes ago, anniepany said:

Thank you Ivanova, no windlight on that one, and i'm horrible at photoshop lol but i love messing around with pic monkey


I don't even bother to photoshop any of my SL pictures - even the ones that I upload to Flickr and add to various groups.  I'll sometimes crop them, but that is it.  If the picture doesn't look good on its own, I just trash it and reshoot or find a better angle / lighting / whatever.  Unless a picture is going onto a blog or ad or something like that, I just don't see the need to fiddle with it.

Here on the forums, many times I prefer the unedited versions. 

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