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How does your avatar look today ?


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I can do some dark stuff, but usually like to have a lot of light involved..

The eclipse event kind of has me in inspired and shopping at the really wild stores today..There is something I love about seeing what new things they have put up since the last time I was there..

The last time I went shopping for a scene I ended up with this shot,which I think I may have put in here before,but I forget hehehe

Still ,it's gonna be fun putting another together today..:)




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3 hours ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

Its from Belle Epoque, called "Claire"

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wild Willows/140/109/12

Every time I go to that store to buy a particular item, I get distracted looking at tons of other things, spend bunches of money, and then TP home without the item that I specifically went there to buy.

...puts a sticky on the desk to remind her what to be sure and buy while at Belle Epoque this trip...

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Ok, so I went to Eclipse, which -- I had been led to believe -- was THE Edgy-Scary-Dark-Goth Event of the year.

Afraid of being judged by those much Darker Than I, I tried to dress accordingly, and even bought a new Edgy-Scary-Dark-Goth hair style to wear.

I have to say I was a tad . . . disappointed?

The first thing I saw for sale there was a pink tea pot.

Yes, that's correct. A. Pink. Tea. Pot.

I am currently re-evaluating my faith in the true "scariness" and "darkness" of some of my supposedly Edgy-Scary-Dark-Goth friends here on the forums.


Eclipse-Disappointment-Forum - Blank.png

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So, I ended up with the Belleza Isis after careful evaluation over all three Belleza bodies (Maitreya just wasn't cutting it.)  But, I'm lovin' the Isis so far! I think it's perfect for that "chubby" look and fits my Baby Face waaaay more. 💛


And actually, I bought the Belleza fatpack in case I change my mind on the Isis. @_@ 




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