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How does your avatar look today ?


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On 2/14/2019 at 3:49 AM, Orwar said:

   Yes, personally I prefer the slider though - even if I know that I simulate weird lens sizes when doing so and that some people prefer using a zoom comparable to a RL lens standard, I know next to nothing about cameras in RL and just zoom as much or little as required. I already have the tool up there for the storing/loading camera view anyway (this can also be achieved in certain photography HUDs I've been told, which can give you more save slots - but I don't like having a bunch of HUDs in the way when I shoot, and many photography HUDs appear pretty lag-inducing. Scripted light HUDs just appears entirely bonkers in my mind, 'tis why I made the unscripted projector I put in my MP).

   I generally just go for 0.3 for close-up and 0.7 for body shots and just add or subtract a little to get to the exact zoom of the shot. I also frame the shot entirely in the viewer with the camera controls (mainly using my mouse as the buttons are way too inaccurate) so that I don't have to re-frame and trim my shots. 

I suspect Firestorm spoils many of us. Whether I use the slider as you do or press keys depends on whether I have the Photo Tools open. Those not using Firestorm have to use the keys.

I do RL photography and videos. Knowing about the lenses and camera is important for buying cameras. I think most people just twist and turn on their lense to get the image they want without ever thinking about the numbers. So, your in the same ball park. As long as you have an eye for the image, it works. If you didn't knowing the numbers wouldn't help.

I tend to frame with the mousewheel. I've set the wheel sensitivity low making a fine grained adjustment. And because I do video in SL I got a SpaceNavigator. I like that I can use it to get away from Alt-left-click-drag camera pointing. But I do most of my actual framing in Photoshop.

I find the viewer's DoF annoying. I use Photoshop's Lense Blur to control the focus effect. That gives me amazing control. (Ref) But, it is tedious. The viewer's DoF does make it quick and easy.


This image uses PH's Lense Blur. The background behind me was too dark for this to be a good image. I tried to save it using blur. Still, did not come out that well.

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6 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:



   The Eclipse is an event hosted by DRD (Death Row Designs), with CerberusXing, ContraptioN and HotDog being the other three 'big' names there - I haven't actually read the event's mission statement but it's basically 'dark stuff', covering everything from buildings and furniture to clothes and accessories. 

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