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How does your avatar look today ?


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1 hour ago, Laoise Rumsford said:

Finding my style can be difficult sometimes; I don't know how to word my searches on MP and so instead of driving my stress levels up, it's pushed into the back of mym ind until SUDDENLY THERE IT IS !! But then I'm broke so wtf.

         What I am wearing in the photo...  (not counting the unseen items)

  • League Skin - Sadie in Medium
  • Frankenstein Shape (it's aliiiive!)
  • CATWA - Catya Bento
  • REZOLOGY - Quiff
  • { aii } - Pearlescent Devil Horns (tinted to match my skin)
  • [ FAKESSI ] Ozzy Sunglasses
  • .:[PUMEC] :. Mesh Ears #2
  • {Sakura} Dixie Choker ~ Savage 
  • Letis Tattoo :: Alisha :: FULL18006
  • Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 w/Bento Hands
  • .:E.A.Studio:. BOX Moray Nails -Gloves-Ring Set
  • ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... No FKs Given -Tank Top-
  • BLAXIUM -Nera 2 Piercing- FEMALE (add)
  • CATWA Bento Face Piercing [Female]
  • Legal Insanity - Jane army pants black
  • {Livalle} HAX - Combat Boots - Black


Thank you so much :)

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Finished up some meshes, and we're in need of photography of this base before we wipe it and make a new one as is the tradition. Gonna be making some photos for some ad boards. Figured the last time I posted here, I had a different loadout.


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56 minutes ago, Sylvannas Zulaman said:

I struggle trying to settle for either blond or ginger.

   Black. You made an awesome Victorian/Goth!



   Besides - the dark side has biscuits. Well, one* oat crisp at the moment... 

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Ate a biscuit...
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