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How does your avatar look today ?


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On 2/12/2019 at 4:41 AM, Orwar said:

   It's a little bit difficult to tell what differences are due to the heads and what is due to perspective as the two shots, whilst very similarly framed, are taken from different points of view - I'd also suggest a more close-up (zoomed) shot to do a more precise comparison.

   To do this, stand your avatar on a pose stand or pose ball in the pose you wish to use for the shot (although it's not going to matter much which pose - a T-pose is fine); next, open your Cameratools (assuming you're using FS here, I haven't used the standard viewer for so long I don't recall what the equivalent is, if there's any difference). Set the View Angle to 0.2-0.3 (depending on just how close you want to go) and frame the shot (i.e. moving your camera into your final position before taking the snap) - now click the button that has an eye with an arrow pointing down on it (store current camera position); your camera position is now saved so that if you by any chance or for any reason change your point of view, you can click the other button, with the eye and the arrow pointing up (load stored camera view) to reset it to your saved position.

   Now you can create two shots which are identical, where you can make subtle changes in between them and fall back to your view point. The Cameratools is the first thing I'd suggest any aspiring SL photographer to look into, as these tools are extremely useful - and even if you just want to do shots to compare things or, well, to navigate Second Life in as scenic a manner as possible, these things are good to know (ever tried to zoom in on a small detail only to find it derenders as your camera comes too close? Decrease the view angle to zoom in on it instead!).

   It's also very useful for layering shots where you want to wear an outfit that just doesn't work, such as this:


   First shot: Shirt/vest & coat (could have used just the shirt/vest as well!).
   Second shot: Just the coat, to make sure that I have the whole coat without anything clipping through it.
   Third shot: Completed picture, at the end of the entire editing process.

   Due to the clipping of the coat with the shirt below, especially at the sleeves and some parts of the vest, the first step of my editing process here was to layer the two snapshots and mask the shirtless one all over the chest between the lapels of the coat. Because I had the same camera view in both shots, I could cam around and muck around with my apparel without having to worry about the shots not aligning.

   Same technique can be used for example with hair and hats, or other accessories that clip through clothes. 

   ... Got a little bit carried away with what was supposed to be a quick tip about zoom and camera positioning, but, there it is.

   P.S. - A useful detail that I realise I forgot is that you can restore your default view angle with the D button next to the field. The default is at 1.048 rads. 

You can accomplish the same thing in any viewer using Ctrl-0, press 6 to 9 times. Press Ctrl-9 to restore the camera.

The idea of wearing parts of the outfit and then compositing them is way neat.


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16 hours ago, Gluehwuermchen Tornado said:

Well, let's say, I did not expect that it got removed because of the speech bubble comment in my pic. I do not feel offended at all. It is fine for me *smiles  

Ahh - I remember the photo now.  I was wondering if they would take it down since we can't say that word in a post.

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Sara Starry Night.jpg

I found this space like background and took this pic. But it was flat, so I overlaid VG Starry Night and I think it really made it pop (then again anything VG does is priceless). That was fun:)))) Hope you guys like! 😱

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Is this what I have to do to find a handsome guy for a date on Valentines Day??? Hey...helloooo...over here!!! Either that or I'm super excited to flag daw that taxi to get home to my cats :x

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14 hours ago, Nalates Urriah said:

You can accomplish the same thing in any viewer using Ctrl-0, press 6 to 9 times. Press Ctrl-9 to restore the camera.

   Yes, personally I prefer the slider though - even if I know that I simulate weird lens sizes when doing so and that some people prefer using a zoom comparable to a RL lens standard, I know next to nothing about cameras in RL and just zoom as much or little as required. I already have the tool up there for the storing/loading camera view anyway (this can also be achieved in certain photography HUDs I've been told, which can give you more save slots - but I don't like having a bunch of HUDs in the way when I shoot, and many photography HUDs appear pretty lag-inducing. Scripted light HUDs just appears entirely bonkers in my mind, 'tis why I made the unscripted projector I put in my MP).

   I generally just go for 0.3 for close-up and 0.7 for body shots and just add or subtract a little to get to the exact zoom of the shot. I also frame the shot entirely in the viewer with the camera controls (mainly using my mouse as the buttons are way too inaccurate) so that I don't have to re-frame and trim my shots. 

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