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How does your avatar look today ?


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11 hours ago, Kotelle said:

As much as I love my Genus head in standard version (even if I am temporarily frustrated with its minor flaws and my major inability to use the hud properly), I am now comparing it with the Baby Face. And not really sure which one I prefer.



I think Baby Face is on the right here. The lips on baby are slightly curvier and the face slightly rounder.

My Baby Face has grown on me (haha!) massively since I first tried it two or three days ago. I'm rapidly being assimilated.

And let's face it.........drum roll........all together now..........

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.......... *runs for cover*........

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Unedited images--I jumped on the Genus Baby Face thing for a bit to try it out. I'm impressed with the animations and glad they don't act wonky anymore. 💛

I've been really wanting to make a fuller shape but not give up my Maitreya because of all the exclusive clothes I've already purchased. >< So, the Genus Baby Face was an excuse to finally toy with the shape sliders again.

My Lelutka and its head shape I originally had on didn't seem to fit my new "vision" no matter what I did with my body shape; plus, it was hard to justify the more "fit" looking skin by Mudskin I had on.

So, in short, I made essentially a whole new avi. ><

Skin by Studio Exposure - Voluptuous and their new Genus - Yuna skin.


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14 hours ago, Saravendi said:

Hey @CurseSmile this is such a fun gif! I just love the vibrant colors and dancing!! You all look terrific! :) Where was this taken?

~ Sara

Thank you Sara! The color is playing w/ WL the location my line sisters and I made a venue on the theme of a dutchess ball so it's just an outcome of our efforts.

Hoped that helped

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