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How does your avatar look today ?


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@Eva Knoller Not sure what Viewer you might be using, but if FS and graphics are on Ultra, then once you have your shot lined up, make sure Advanced Lighting Model and Ambient Occlusion boxes are ticked, then try going to World > Environment Editor > Sky Presets > Edit Preset and try playing around with the 'Est Angle' slider.

Depending on what WL you choose, you can get some really pretty sun shadow effects :)

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1 hour ago, Eva Knoller said:

Question re: shadows. Which windlight settings are good for shadows? I followed instructions on pages 552 and 553 as far as graphics settings go, but I can’t seem to make shadows. 

Here I am today enjoying a bagel at my house. My avi loves to eat and drink!


If you've got advanced lighting and ambient occlusion ticked on, as Anya says, you can also get nicer shadows by setting the time to evening or morning. If you edit the Windlight settings, you can even swing the sun around to change the direction of the shadows! (Try THAT, RL photographers!!!)

The other thing you can do is use a projector to produce artificial shadows. They're not that hard to make, or you can find some on MP. @Orwar and @Nalates Urriah both make affordable lighting kits.

ETA: Oops. Didn't notice that Anya had already mentioned Est Angle.

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I spent way too long just now playing with Windlight and shadows at Lutz. BUT the best shot is quite good in the end. I also found a new friend who goes there to take photos for her flickr and carries a gun.......what a small world........so one quick costume change later and Agent Smith joined her for a quick photo............another enjoyable chance meeting, thanks to Lutz. I'll meet her again and she might join us on an Angels shoot sometime......  




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   I kept remembering I wanted to do a post with this dress. And I kept distracting myself and forgetting. And so, since I've remembered again, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to find it in my inventory. Now I'm here, presenting it to you. If I've posted a post with this dress on this posty thing before, It's my brain's fault. Point and laugh.

   Maitreya - Wrap Dress, Ingenue - Le Papillon Heels, Wasabi Pills - Jaime hair (and unmentionables)



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