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How does your avatar look today ?


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[LeLutka]-ANNA hair (o)(o) - Powder
{S0NG} :: Placebo // Plasma Eye 1

Aftershok studded wristbands
(epia) - Military Cap
CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Punk Choker / Red
::LS::.Tank Top Rebel Princess  - NONE - AVI(L)
::LS::. Undies Rebel Princess  AVI(L)
::LS::. Punkette Skirt AVI(L) V1.2
::LS::. Punkette Garter Belt AVI(L) V1.2
::LS::. Punkette Socks For Garter AVI(L) V1.2
::LS::. Punkette Boots socks L AVI(L) V1.2
::LS::. Punkette Boots socks R AVI(L) V1.2



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7 hours ago, Saravendi said:

Wow, Taya this is a newer sexier you! Love the outfit (credits?).... boots...yes, messy hair...yes... that jacket is to die for... you remind me of a movie about a sexy female assassin in Paris. Scary. You need a James Bond gun.


Ooh - Thank you, Sara 😊

Looking at all you hotties in here - I decided I just HAD to let my hair down and dress up, to keep up with you guys...

Jacket and dress are Scandalized TEILA -  they also do matching boots, but I found this old pair in the wardrobe and thought they'd do the job (MH Nuria Leather Boots). Hair is [monso] My Hair - Coco, exactly what you need when the goal is to let your hair down :D

I did even let go of my slightly Parisian-women-inspired make-up principle of doing either lips OR eyes, not both, at least during the daytime  - well yes, call me crazy - but at least I still kept my glasses on, must not go completely wild during daylight hours :D

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8 hours ago, BelindaN said:

Salty's shadows assignment took her to Charleston Heights and of course Lutz...……..

We think we have the hang of this now!!!!!!!!!  But obviously a lot more still to come in the days ahead!






You should have come up and said hi.

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Question re: shadows. Which windlight settings are good for shadows? I followed instructions on pages 552 and 553 as far as graphics settings go, but I can’t seem to make shadows. 

Here I am today enjoying a bagel at my house. My avi loves to eat and drink!


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