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How does your avatar look today ?


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11 minutes ago, BelindaN said:

This is my first try out with Orwar's Furlgrimr light.......

Nothing fancy, and I'm slow to pick up the tecchy stuff, but I like it already!!!!!  :)




It looks as though it is working beautifully!

As I was reminded when I logged on last night and tried to take some pics of myself, my keyboardist has given all of the good toys to Scylla (hiss!), so I don't have any lights or projectors. I think I might try Orwar's (if only to read the notecard!)

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On 1/8/2019 at 10:49 AM, Alyona Su said:

Oh wow, remember this post?:

I found a freebie web site that will display it properly: http://www.2vr.in/V-1XIB

Just click inside the image and drag.



On 1/10/2019 at 12:56 PM, Alyona Su said:

OMG Yess!

Though I anxiously await Bakes on Mesh, this 360 Project is something I NEVER heard of and found by accident, and it's now my favorite FUN thing to look forward to. Cannot wait!

The 360-Image project is over 1 year old. The current project SL Viewer was released in week 10 of 2018 (March). This was not the first version. It is the latest improved version.

Work on the viewer stopped when other projects of higher priority superseded it. Oz Linden mentions it now and then and his hope of getting back to it at UG meetings. Not forgotten or given up on. Just sitting to the side.

The last changes in the project viewer made the images far more usable. Now the images are mostly usable directly from the viewer, here and Flickr.

For more information on the viewer and using it see The Newly Revised 360-Snapshot RC Viewer is Out

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3 hours ago, Dave23McMasters said:

Will someone ask Mom why the runt of the litter has to do all the heavy lifting? When I log on, she's never around.

I can certainly see the family resemblance.

I can have a chat with your mum, but last time I criticized her mothering skills, she sprayed me with ink.

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