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How does your avatar look today ?


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7 hours ago, Saravendi said:

Love your flip flops... where did you find them?

Thank you.

They were a freebie/cheapie that I picked up last summer somewhere - not even sure.  The listed creator (on the texture HUD) doesn't have an inworld store and only a small MP, but the flip flops aren't there.  However, they are actually from a full perm set that is available on the marketplace:

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11 hours ago, Clover Jinx said:

I'm just gonna put this here...

I saw in a group notice a few weeks back that Violetility were going to return to - and expand - their Genderpunk! line. Great to see that they're following up on that promise. It's also great to see that they're not going down the same road as most other makers of male kinkwear and alternative-/avant garde- wear, of only rigging for Gianni and Jake. Many of us still wear Slink, and I'm glad that Geralt is also expanding its userbase, because not everyone wants to be a muscleboy (or can be arsed to spend hours fiddling with a muscled body, tweaking sliders left and right just to reduce those muscles so they can look how they want but still wear the same clothing as everyone else who gets The Good Stuff).

However.... even though I love a good corset and I'm thrilled to see us freaky boys getting some new stuff to wear, I won't be getting this one. I prefer corsets to end below the pecs. Having them cover the pecs is just a little bit too femme for me, even on the hard boys in the ad. Not judging; just my personal taste; I am ridiculously picky about that kind of thing ;) I'm still very happy to see this.

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Long time no see, Forumites! I admit that I've been SO busy that I've hardly had time to swing by and read updates! I hope you are all doing lovely!

Currently (desperately) trying to finish up a sim build whilst not falling asleep (maybe). 



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