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How does your avatar look today ?


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I was just going through my inventory and found some things I bought the other day At the designers event that's going on, that I forgot about. I forget the name of it for some reason..

ETA: Just remembered the name of the event..It's The MBA fair:$

Anyways,I got this really pretty top from Maitreya  called the, Maitreya Bali Boho Blouse, which comes with some nice bikini bottoms..

There were three versions of the blouse,but I can't tell the difference in any of them..They all have an L1,L2 and an L3 on the end of each one..

Heck if I know what that means hehehehe

Maybe one of you guys know ?

Anyways,here is the top and bikini bottoms.. Also if you didn't hear about the event going on in the Blueberry Store group..Jump in group and check it out,Oh and she just started a VIP group also for really nice discounts.. =)


ok I'm finished gabbing..:D



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I got this lace top a few days ago.......irresistable 9_9

But then I couldn't find anything to go with it. My white jeans were OK but not good enough. So another shopping spree followed, and this is the result.

Luckily the bra and pants fitted OK.....haha  A bit different to my Wonder Woman outfit.............


secondlife 06.jpg

secondlife 05.jpg

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