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How does your avatar look today ?


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11 hours ago, Josephine Carissa said:

trying some curly hair


curly hair.png

OOOoooohhhhh! I love your hair..Is it mesh or flexi? I've been looking for good mesh natural curls since mesh first hit the big time. The texturing on mesh natural curls is hideous, so, I'm still using my curly flexi hair.. anyway, love love your hair! :D

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So I picked up both the male & female complete mesh avatars yesterday at Altamura for the WOH & MOH event.

I have only modded the height, torso length, and leg length on  Emanuelle because she was a real giant. Cute av though for playing around with in photos. I'd be afraid I'd get carded if I took her out to the club. ;) 

With Tommy on my alt, I did just the opposite. I left the body as it was and tried to remold his head to look more like  my alt's system head. It's still hard to compare without the facial hair. It makes him look way younger. 




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