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How does your avatar look today ?


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after finishing my upgrade and revamping my lil parcel I felt like going for a swim!!!
Now... what would be more appropriate than the new collaboration between Salt&Pepper with their Wet T-Shirt Contest Gacha rocking the current (June 2018) round of The Arcade and MINA´s Sandra hair for this month´s FaMESHed round`?
I started with a nice chill out in Trompe L´oeil´s Beiwen´s Flower Tent though enjoying the summer sun. My eyes were protected by B&W´s Divina sunglasses and my butt was covered by Uncontrollably´s Abby skirt which I found at Redeux. I love how the LaSirena Seacrest Chain wraps around my belly.

Summer fun in the waterSummer fun in the water


Summer fun in the water


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Had to make a vendor for an item that my sister commissioned for her club. So I had to make a vendor picture. Hence the low resolution. And without all the vendor frills!


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So I was reading the thread on what was acceptable for the Crystal Ball, and it got me all nostalgic and trying on some old looks. First of all, I "thought" I had an okay system body before I  got mesh... wow... I had forgotten how chunky the system body was. Anyway, this is me in one of the first skins that I actually purchased, Horizon Series Porcelain Casual Goth by Max., some freebie or cheap CS Streamer II hair, and an outfit  from SF Design called Cordelia (w/ glitch pants and flexi skirt). The necklace was from when they made them on the undershirt layer. I have to say, in remembering back, this was probably one of the best fitting flexi skirts that I ever owned. I remember constantly messing around with most of them trying to get them to hang right. And no not going to the ball, just playing dress up with clothes from the attic. :)




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Decorating a new skybox! I had been living in a free motel room, but then it suddenly vanished along with everything else in the sim where it was. Lucky for me a friend is allowing me to camp in her sky. Now I can finally use all of the cheap and free furniture I've been dragging around in my inventory.



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1 hour ago, Dreamerra said:

Lots of post wow every one has their own art of beauty.

Yeah... the diversity in taste is amazing. Of course taste is a personal bias, but here in the fashion area we are free to dress as we choose and exercise those biases. Such tastes of freedom could corrupt several social-engineering agendas. But, it is too fun dressing up to stop.

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Finally got into the SL15B shopping event.  After about 5 disconnects,  I got most of the free gifts ( though, I know I missed at least one store, maybe more.)  Everything seen here, except my pearl necklace, was a free gift from the event. 


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The second I saw this shirt I knew it would be making its way into my inventory.



Birth and Breath for Man Cave, plus Invictus for Men Only Monthly, Haysuriza for ON9, and VoltHair for Equal 10.

Shirt: Breath - Dara Shirt (dragon)
Jeans: Invictus - Street Jeans 07 (black)
Footwear: ILLI - Modern Roman Sandals
Eyewear: Haysuriza - Eyewear Monaco
Hair: VoltHair - John (B&W)
Necklace: Sn@tch - Cosmopolitan Necklace
Skin applier: Birth - Axel (tone 01)
Ears: L'Etre - Horn Mesh Ears
Poses: SEmotion

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