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How does your avatar look today ?


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14 hours ago, kamsing said:


I keep waiting for summer to hit. I promise I'll never complain about the heat. Wait a minute --the heat today made me dozy for a few minutes!

I need the sun... in the Pacific Northwest Coast of the USA, closer to the Canadian border, it doesn't get very warm for very long, so I will never complain about the heat.. ok well maybe a little..:) But, I will cherish it regardless. 

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3 hours ago, heatherannbess said:

Where is this place, Zeta?

Well, its actually a very kinky RP sim (has to do with milking, and no not cows...) but the fallout design is so very cool. Just respect the RPers and not enter the more private areas if your just being a tourist like I was, and all is fine.

Creamy Cow Dairy Farm - The Pound Kennel - Fallout Adult Play - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frankfort/213/27/2422    (NSFW)

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