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How does your avatar look today ?


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Decided to try using a new .Atomic. skin on an non-Bento  Catwa head.. the Candy. I loved this head but when I switched over to Bento I didn't use it much. But, this is lovely... that tat btw is a free gift at the Imaginarium if you are a member of the Gimme Gacha group. The eyes are from Lotus and the hair is the new Group Gift from Truth, called Fiji. Cool thing I discovered, the Candy head was updated and the eyes are omega!


Gigi new profile pic 2018 v2.png

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The show doesn't open till Friday but I wasn't sure how much time I would have online after today before then, so I wanted to get the booth set up today if I could, and I did. I will post the LM when it is closer to Friday. As you can see it is late in the day the shadows are getting long time for me to quit.


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