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How does your avatar look today ?


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11 minutes ago, Orwar said:

Ooh, nice top...

Thanks. :)  I got it from this new Goth store on the MP.  Maybe you've heard of it?  What's the name again?  hmm...I think it starts with an F.... sounds like it should be the name of a Swedish death metal band or something...

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Inspired by a certain movie about aliens...



Signature Geralt body & Catwa Justin head, Skin by Egozy Zladim. All tinted using the body/head huds.
Body & face stripes by Eventide. Hair by Adoness. Eyes by Inkheart. Ears by Mandala
Clothing is a mash-up of two different outfits, the Green Warrior from Outworld Exotics, and the Barbarian Loincloth outfit from WILD (kilamanjaro). The tail is a freebie from Murder of Ravens, with my own texture. 

Shot on location on Pandora. 

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today I FINALLY managed to clear my unpacking folder and catalogized all recently shopped items...
Plus I was able to take pics with my new Catwa Kathy head which...magically *coughs* appeared in my inventory (things happened...)

somehow I´m not 100% happy with the lighting today, ah well^^



I did start to play with the animations but that´ll be it for today xD 


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On 5/31/2018 at 9:28 PM, Rhonda Huntress said:

Well, it may be a moot point now.  The new LL viewer fixes hosed my set up. 


This is actually one of the better scenes.  See that big black rectangle in the back?  Those are jumbled all over any place with mesh buildings.  It's funny how you can see the black monolith reflection in the water, too.

Anyway, I downloaded Firestorm and tried to get it set up.  I am fully aware that I am the weird one in preferring the stack viewer but as of today, I don't really have that choice any more.  Until the fixes get fixed, of course.

OK... that's obviously not going to work. I am a Firestorm fan and think everyone should have the stock viewer and Firestorm installed to allow quick troubleshooting.

If you actually prefer the Linden viewer and your current install isn't working, try one of the RC's or Project viewers. HERE. The RC's are in cue to be the next default viewer. The Project viewers are more likely to have problems and in someway are likely incomplete. 

I also suggest you post a 'What happened?' question in the SL Forum Answers section. Include your system info from HELP->About... If there is a problem, the peeps at Answers will sort it out as to whether it is you and you can fix it or it is the viewer and can be brought to the Linden's attention.

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I did a clean reinstall and everything is working as intended again :)

Yes, I do prefer LL's browser for 95% of what I do.  I wish LL would let me up the texture memory past 2005 standards ... but I'll live.  I go to Black Dragon if I want to do some serious photography tho so ... yeah.  I understand that I am the one with the weird hangups and my preferences are not the norm. 

Anyway ...
It's all cool now.


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