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1 hour ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

LL viewer is still limited to 512, even in their 64-bit version.  Rumor has it that they increased that limit for some upcoming release.

I'm using Firestorm.  My card has 16GB and my cache is set to the max that it lets me - which is 9984MB.   I never have any texture thrashing issues anymore.

Well, it may be a moot point now.  The new LL viewer fixes hosed my set up. 


This is actually one of the better scenes.  See that big black rectangle in the back?  Those are jumbled all over any place with mesh buildings.  It's funny how you can see the black monolith reflection in the water, too.

Anyway, I downloaded Firestorm and tried to get it set up.  I am fully aware that I am the weird one in preferring the stack viewer but as of today, I don't really have that choice any more.  Until the fixes get fixed, of course.

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"Zephyr in the sky, at night I wonder
Do my tears of morning sink beneath the sun
She's got herself a universe gone quickly
For the call of thunder threatens everyone
And I feel like I just got home
And I feel
And I feel like I just got home
And I feel
Faster than the speeding light she's flying
Trying to remember where it all began
She's got herself a little piece of heaven
Waiting for the time when earth shall be as one"
Ray of Light, Madonna

ray of light .png

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