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How does your avatar look today ?


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3 hours ago, Liana Wildmist said:

I told Lia she had to smile, it didn't go down well


"AHHHHHH-I am going to kill you!"


that feeling when you´re glad your avatar/character can´t reach out and hurt you ^^


DAMN @Talligurl thanks for the reminder... I need to start the kitty research... I need to buy 4 after all xD (at least)

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10 hours ago, Love Zhaoying said:

I can haz Cat Lady?

I don't usually do the things in SL that I do in RL, which is why I am not a cat lady here. Now Cat Woman that I could do.

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3 hours ago, LexxiXhan said:

I think I saw that one at Mina during the casper Egg Hunt, or one very much like it.

The hairbase is definitely Mina, I think it's a group gift, too.

Discovered her through the casper egg hunt, too and landmarked the hell out of the store, such lovely hair. Here's another pic of my current easter outfit and yes, that's MINA hair xD



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1 hour ago, ForrestChild said:

Bunneh Feetsies!

Using the Apricot Paws: Omega Feety Peets (Maitreya, Slink, etc) Mid Version

I like these as they are seamless, plus I was able to remove the pawpads. Rabbits don't have them

apricot paws = GOAT

they make some of the best clothing options for DSD/Rawr avatars, which is difficult to deal with sometimes since not many clothing options work well on DSD bodies

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Got this whole outfit (Jacket, Jumpsuit, Purse and Shoes)  from Hilly Haalan for 100L.  It's part of the Hello Tuesday sale.  Unlike some of her other clothes, I did end up hiding parts of my Maitreya body so they didn't show through in a few places.  For 100L though, it's totes cute!!  



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