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How does your avatar look today ?


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6 hours ago, ValKalAstra said:

Eddy Vortex, look I'm just that strange random gal on the internet, but here goes anyway: What I've seen of you here on this forum, in this limited capacity, tells me that you've already left a positive legacy with many people. Will you leave an epic legacy? Dunno. We've got the entire state of Florida trying stunts like building hamster wheels to cross the ocean and even they don't get a footnote in history, just a funny headline on the side.

However, you never know who needed a smile or wholesome laugh that day.

Keep being you, keep making people smile and while your legacy might not be written about in history books - it'll be tangible to others.


And that's enough from me, aight, Nina out!

Thank you. That is very kind of you to say.

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My LaraX wearing Mell Set from {ViSion}. Rigging perfect for Maitreya LaraX and Reborn, which is a pleasure, as I change between Lara 5.3, LaraX and Reborn according to circumstances.

The singing snowmen sang "Hallelujah", when they saw me 😄

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