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How does your avatar look today ?


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Just now, Love Zhaoying said:

Oops! I may have been assuming based on a Forumite who often posts / posted about how Dinky communities were "better" because they were [more innocent] ("non-sexual", I suppose), etc.

Well, I don't know, personally, yet.  I have met some Dinkie couples but have never questioned them about their........ ummmm........... private practices.

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55 minutes ago, Leora Greenwood said:

Thanks for the style info at your Flickr link!  Everything except (my constant question of) where this was photographed.  😄  I am hoping to explore being a Dinkie Na'vi later today when my  computer chores are done.

I'm currently offline 'cause the human needs a nap 😅 I'll update the location when I'm back online.

I NEED to see you as a Dinkie Na'vi!  ❤️

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