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How does your avatar look today ?


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9 minutes ago, Walelu Summerwind said:

Yes I’m sure that’s what you meant.. vampire… right.

yeah totally. I bought the skin for my Goth party on Saturday at my new venue Gothic Euphoria. Vampires seem to hang out Goth parties, but everyone is welcome. Some people have fun dressing up and other just show up in whatever, which is cool too.

They have it at Velour, it's an Ipanema for Maitreya but maybe they have other bodies. I couldn't find the face skin I liked that fit my LeLutka head so I made my own using the creator kit - if anyone needs the skin i can send it to you gratis just hit me up inworld. 


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On 5/17/2023 at 5:42 PM, Khadijah Starchild said:

I noticed an abandoned property next to mine that was sitting for a month, so I asked me neighbor if she was going to buy it. Turns out she wanted to liquidate some assets, so I ended up with her land and her wonderful house. The weird thing is the house sits on three regions, so it's sorta like the Winchester Mystery House. Part of the house is rated G and the rest is rated M. I guess naked Twister is ok in some rooms but not others.



That was meant to be then, that you should own the land. It sounds lovely. I am enjoying your photos. They are telling such a story of your lovely adventures in Second Life. 

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The party ran late last night but I was woke early because my security orb is ringing off the hook. The SL Drivers group is going through my property (they asked permission lol). I bought this parcel that connects to a public road and hooked up my parcels in six connected regions lol. My next goal with that is to connect the north road.

So I bought this t-shirt on MP this morning and it has "Purchase Applier" all over it. Looks like it the vendor might have botched a full-perm product? There is a HUD but it doesn't show anywhere on my screen, lol. I guess I'll have to contact them. I think I'm going to put a rock venue here, I need to remove some road though. 



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