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How does your avatar look today ?


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First time using a projector light, and I'm not sure how effective it was. Also first time I pressed something to make the background a bit blurry... Hopefully if I give it enough effort the picture taking will get better over time.

Snapshot_501 (1).png

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A poem, created by WebGPT


"A woman sits alone, in the still of the night,
On her patio, bathed in moon's silver light,
Her thoughts drift away, to places far and near,
As the crickets chirp, in the darkness, so clear.

Her heart beats softly, in rhythm with the breeze,
Her soul longs for peace, and a moment of ease,
Her eyes search the sky, for a sign of hope,
As the stars twinkle above, like diamonds on a rope.

The night embraces her, with a comforting touch,
As she savors the silence, and the absence of much,
Her mind wanders freely, without any restraint,
And she finds solace, in the freedom to contemplate.

The woman sits alone, but she is not lonely,
For the night is her companion, calm and holy,
She breathes in the air, so fresh and so pure,
And she knows that this moment, will forever endure."

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4 hours ago, SorachaNicEoghain said:

I went there today too! Love those exhibitions ^^

I'm a rainbow too


The previous one in black and white was not really my thing but I like those exhibitions too. The latest one is fun. I may return for more pictures.

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