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How does your avatar look today ?


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5 hours ago, Walelu Summerwind said:

Love love love your earrings/nosechain!... and your hair is fab ^_^

Oh thank you so much, I hear people saying that to have a unique look you have to adjust your shape. I disagree, I have never been happy with any shape adjustment I have made, but I can still have a unique look just with the combination of piercings tattoos and hair.


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1 hour ago, Talligurl said:

Ok, normally I don't double post, but I am going away from the computer now for a while possibly, and this last picture of the day just needs to be shared


Ohai thar.. I realized when I heard your camera go off that I didn't know what WL and water effects you had. Not that I was worried about any bits as I was Kendolling it, but I did notice I hadn't taken my socks off...

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