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How does your avatar look today ?


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Ayashi. Aya (Blonds)
.: Visual Magick :. // Doll Pack Eye Textures(Blush)
Danika GND Zoe - Omega Head Appliers (Cream Dream)
Danika GND Maitreya Body Applier (Cream Dream)
Enfer Sombre - Ecchi Shine
Sweet Thing - Clockwork Doll Joints
Sweet Thing - Clockwork Doll Key - Dosen't have any severe  RLV restrictions, but does need to be winded now and then.
Tanoshi Key Plate

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I am done with the new shape.  Or as done as anyone ever is who keeps poking at their shape every few days anyway.



LeLutka's HUD lets you set the eyes to various levels of alertness.  This is "Relaxed" and sort of the neutral setting.  Clover said I looked a little stoned ....

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Smoking Jacket

Washed off the blood and the makeup from yesterday's photo shoot - finally - and decided I should lounge about my home in something comfortable today. Maybe I should have taken out the eyebrow piercing too.. Hm. 

And freight not - a pipe was indeed smoked!

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