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How does your avatar look today ?


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So my roses Tattoo went missing and I needed to get it redelivered, but in the process of figuring out how to get that, I found another tattoo by the same maker Carol G. 12.23lulu_003.thumb.png.33f1120048212e6752283767ada7e2fb.png

Do you see it? look through the earring

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2 hours ago, Claireschen Hesten said:

Oh deer, only time of the year it's acceptable to go out in a reindeer costume


Well In SL, go walking through the woods like that in RL and you are likely to get shot.

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Merry Christmas to all you beautiful faces! Im gifting you some puns because theyre great. 

What do you call an elf that can sing? A wrapper.

The North Pole doesn't import goods because it’s Elf Sufficient.

I hope these made you laugh and if not, then I must be a child because I find these brilliant LOL 




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