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How does your avatar look today ?


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9 hours ago, xLunaea said:

playing the flute atop my earth golem



You were camouflaged well in the long shot, and I love to see avatars in a scene.  Personally, with it having been a full moon recently, I have been barking at the moon - sadly I have no photos of that :/ 


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1 hour ago, Marigold Devin said:

It's so playful, really like the tiger is telling you it's secrets rather than about to eat you! And you've always got such a cheeky young expression. 

😁 Thanks. Finding the right pose and positioning my ava in both pictures was a pain in the *** but it was worth it. In the first picture I hadn't realised that my ava was starting to show his tongue. I only saw it afterwards. And in the second picture, the tiger has probably just told something major but my ava won't repeat it. I swear that thing has a life of its own.

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