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6 hours ago, TDD123 said:

Memento  mori .. A moment of last respects paid..


This is very touching, that she´s still in the thoughts of so many people.

Time flies (even in SL a little faster than outside) and people tend to go on with their lifes. The memories fade and turn into some vague white fog, which becomes a little more distant with each passing day and month. Until the time, when nothing remains, than the dull feeling, that there is a hole in some hearts, that will never heal complete any more.

Thank you so much for keeping Amanda´s memory alife !

Wish you were here ...

The great gig in the sky

Shine on your crazy diamond


"The human being is not really dead until no one thinks about him anymore"

(Bertold Brecht, german poet)



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Wondering through Laurel's Halloween Nightmare. If you decide to go there... (see Featured SL Blog for more discription) allow some time to explore and find your way through the exhibit. It is big. I think you could easily spend an hour.

Some serious effort went into building these scenes. Be sure to check it out.

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