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How does your avatar look today ?


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7 minutes ago, Bagnu said:

I just noticed that a bit of Aerula was showing. I didn't notice that when I posted. I just liked the pose.

Exactly what I was discussing in another thread.  Your picture is deleted yet one with completely naked breasts is still posted after numerous reports.  

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9 hours ago, Quistess Alpha said:

apparently Guys' nipples are ok but womens' aren't. Ain't that a double-standard? 🤮

   It's one of those simple questions which can have a very complex answer, depending on who you ask. LL generally adheres to the 'traditional' definition of what is and isn't suitable exposure, which I suspect is the least risky option for a platform that caters to an international audience (though to be fair, even if it was strictly US only, I don't think the rules would be any different). It's basically the same rules as other platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

   It's a pretty deep-rooted cultural thing. In fact, in many countries it is legal for women to be topless in public (laws vary a lot, in most of the US it's legal to 'sunbathe' topless, in some states it is illegal throughout, and in some states you're allowed to be topless in public whether you're sunbathing or not), but whilst legal, it's still considered socially unacceptable by a lot of people, and, as a rule of thumb, if people take offense to something you do in public which might be a legal grey area, law enforcement may be inclined to ask that you don't ('disturbing the peace', 'indecent behaviour', 'objectionable conduct', etc.). 

   I'm not involved enough in the legalese mess that surrounds online platforms and communities to say for sure, but I think certain things might turn a little bit problematic if they were to change the rules (such as, would they have to kick out the 16-year olds and make it strictly 18+? Would you have to have a pop-up that asks for your consent to open a site which contains 'adult content' every time you want to peek into the forums? Would they have to limit their service to certain parts of the world wherein such things might be legally pornographic? etc.) - but frankly, I don't think it's really an issue; I've made several topless or risqué pics which I either made a forum-friendly edit of, or just didn't share on the forums. 


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8 hours ago, Laika Ravikumar said:

Prob stupid question is this your avi?

Yes, As Ayeleeon pointed out, it's my alt's AV, I would post through that account for this AV, but it could possibly be confusing.

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2 minutes ago, Sam1 Bellisserian said:

FS, it's under the developer menu

Developer>Avatar>Animation speed>Slow Motion Animations

Thanks!!! I'm assuming that slows  down the animations, not records them (like e.g. Camtasia)?

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1 minute ago, Sam1 Bellisserian said:

No clue what Camtasia is but yes it just slows down your animations. Not anyone else.

Camtasia is a screen cap program to record video.. I haven't used it with SL, because I don't know how to get a fully "clean" screen, without any menus, etc.

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