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How does your avatar look today ?


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This is one of those images that looks better on a dark background.


This is taken in Maria's Dream Island, which is a kinda fun place. I found it looking for dance places. You parachute in, which is fun the first couple of times... Fun place to explore and lots of photo ops, especially with a friend.


The thread is about YOUR AVATAR and how it looks... We seem to be getting more posts off topic. Some that the poster's avatar doesn't even appear in. Others are more focused on the place with the avatar being a minor item in the image. We have other threads for landscapes and places photography. Some seem to be more about the technique and art than the avatar and we have other threads for the art. Others seem to be a series about who the poster is doing today in some competitive way and the poster's avatar seems secondary.

I like seeing people's avatars and how they are dressed and hearing about interesting places. The talent some put into their images is awesome.

I just prefer that the focus of all the imagery here stay on the avatar. For all the other stuff I can go over to Flickr.


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